The Lyme Group is a free initiative to gather worldwide Lyme disease societies that take grassroots actions to foster Lyme disease recognition. It is put forward by the French society The Right To Be Cured (“Le Droit de GuĂ©rir in French). We brainstorm and share thoughts through an email discussion list to come up with ideas such as:

  • Places for demonstrations (e.g. Ministry of Health, Blood donation centers, Building of the medical board)
  • Dates for demonstrations (e.g. Lyme Protest Day, Annual Infectious Diseases Congress)
  • Legal actions (e.g. Class actions against deniers of CLD)
  • Petitions (for/against a law, to protect an LLMD, to foster research)
  • Open letters to lawmakers
  • Etc…

The benefits are:

  • Sharing your events easily with other Lyme societies that, in turn, share with their members, for a global visibility
  • Featuring photos/videos of your crackdowns on in a blog post here
  • Knowing what is going on abroad
  • Getting ideas of actions to hit hard locally
  • Raising a significant number of signatures when sharing a petition worldwide
  • Targeting many more people when issuing a press release worldwide
  • Etc…

Please note this initiative is solely aimed at advocacy. We do not provide support on the disease itself.

If you represent a Lyme society and if you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with us so we can get to know each other, sign you up and so we can collaborate.